Our team at ISO Indi Software uses a strict and standardized architecture and project structure for the development of software projects. It makes no difference whether it is an internal project or a customer order, because each project uses the components of our Quick’N’Clean Framework as its core and has the same structure.

The complete .NET ecosystem in connection with Visual Studio offers a number of ways and techniques for maintaining this standardized and unified architecture and project structure. However, an essential component for the efficient implementation of the projects is missing:
The possibility for the administration of project templates. When the creation of new projects in the development environment was still done manually, this process took about one to two hours each time and cannot be surpassed in inefficiency.

The philosophy of ISO Indi Software is cost efficiency and speed, because we want to offer our customers the best possibility for their money. This is why the internal project Templicity was created and has become an integral part of the ISO Indi Software ecosystem.

This technology makes it possible to create a new project with just three clicks and a time expenditure of only two minutes.

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