Immotech Business Solution

Immotech Business Solution

As the only company in Austria, IMMOTECH Austria offers an additional tool for its customers with its own management.

The IMMOTECH Management Tool offers property management companies and cooperatives an indispensable added value, as the responsible property managers can view their properties on their mobile phones, PCs or tablets at any time and can thus control the necessary measures in a mobile way.

The IMMOTECH Management Tool notifies the responsible property manager immediately about defects (especially „imminent danger“) and he/she can thus quickly and easily initiate the necessary measures to remedy the danger.

The IMMOTECH Management Tool enables those responsible to use a mobile tool that is free of charge for the customer so that they can carry out their work while on the move.

In addition to the IMT, Immotech Austria uses a one-of-a-kind iOS App to perform the ongoing B1300 & B1301 inspections and a web-based system solution to manage all expert evaluations.

ISO Individual Software has been supporting Immotech Austria since its foundation with tailor-made software solutions.

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