Artificial Intelligence from Linz

Welcome to the future! Artificial Intelligence can lead you and your company to success on many levels. Our solutions support your daily business and are constantly being further developed.

Artificial Intelligence offers a very wide spectrum of possibilities.
Many customers trust in the artificial intelligence developed by us in Linz. The following solutions are among the most popular areas of application for our customers:

Analyses of Feedback

Would you like to know how your customers rate you?

With our evaluations you are able to classify customer feedback automatically. The system informs you directly about negative or positive criticism, which enables you to react immediately.

Product Recommendations

You want to increase your sales?

Our system provides targeted recommendations based on the products already sold. You can use these recommendations to offer customers what they need – but don’t know they need it yet.

Price Forecasts

Do you want more efficient and detailed price estimates?

KPrice forecasts can often become a real challenge. Hundreds of parameters cause headache, but that’s a problem of the past: ISO can help you with Artificial Intelligence from Linz. Our technologies support you in finding a secure price.

Customer Segmentation

Do you want to analyze specific customer groups after a marketing campaign?

Marketing costs are high, but increases turnover. ISO can help you get more out of your marketing. Through customer segmentation, supported by Artificial Intelligence from Linz, related customer groups can be identified and supplied with targeted advertising material.

Object Recognition

You want to identify what can be seen on a video or picture?

Automatic analysis of surveillance videos and images: No matter if people, signs, animals or other things – ISO can help you save time with DeepLearning and artificial intelligence from Linz.

Dronetech, Austria’s largest provider of drone inspections, already relies on our object recognition systems.


Fraud Detection

You want to detect cheaters?

Fraud is not only illegal; it also costs a lot of money. But fraudsters can be exposed and caught by ISO and MachineLearning technologies. This saves you a lot of time and money.

Sales Anomaly Detection

You want to detect changes, peaks and anomalies in your sales?

In most cases, anomalies are detected too late in the annual accounts. Detect anomalies in time with our technologies and use the opportunity to react promptly.
Using MachineLearning and regression algorithms, ISO can also help you to create meaningful and accurate sales forecasts.

Image Classification

You want to classify and categorize images automatically?

Product and image pictures, landscapes, demographics, etc. The sheer flood of data on images makes it difficult to find the right image. Classifications and categories can help, but who has the time and resources to do it themselves? ISO also supports you with automatic classification and categorization.

Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence? Then please contact us – we will be happy to advise you free of charge.